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Teasers (per person)

TIP: You don’t have to order everything at once. You can safely start with a few teasers and if necessary, re-order afterwards. Enjoying comes first.
Carpaccio of suckling pig ... Carpaccio of suckling pig with an apple cream with calvados. €7
Croquet of risotto and oxtail ... Croquet of risotto and oxtail with a cream of celeriac and the cheese "Bruges Prestige". €8
Duke of Berkshire grilled on the Green-Egg ... Duke of Berkshire grilled on the Green-Egg with tagliolini of zucchini. €8
Laquered duck livers ... Laquered duck livers with home-made pickles. €8
Snails ... Snails grilled with garlic butter. €9
Croquette with vol-au-vent. Croquette with vol-au-vent. €9
Soup of shellfish ... Soup of shellfish with a toast with rouille and shrimps. €9
Mushroom toast .... Mushroom toast and dried ham of deer. €9
Bollywoodburger... Burger with meat of lamb, chutney of mango, raita of cucumber and the famous juicy Bollywood sauce. €9
Grilled oysters (2pieces) ... Grilled oysters (2pieces) with champagne sauce. €10
Risotto with langoustine tempura ... Risotto with langoustine tempura and mushrooms. €10
Poched egg, hand-peeled shrimps, sauce mousseline... Poched egg, hand-peeled shrimps, sauce mousseline, puree. €12

We would like to ask, if you are vegetarian or have certain allergies, to notify us in advance when booking; only then we can prepare ourselves well to adjust the meals where necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

Edamamé (green soybeans) Edamamé (green soybeans) /Himalaya salt. €5
Crispy avocado ... Crispy avocado with yogurt-dip. €7
Crostini's Catalàn... Crostini's with tomato, sweet garlic and ham of Bruges. €9
Iberico Bellota ham ... Iberico Bellota ham/gluten-free parmesan biscuits. €16
Croque with smoked duck ... Croque with smoked duck/ dip sauce. €7


Since January 2016 we have ventured to a slightly more modern look for our new concept, TEASERS. It is intended that these small, tantalizing dishes go very smoothly so you even can build them as lunch, or just as a little hunger with a nice glass of wine, the choice is yours ... For our loyal business clientele this can be a unique and refreshing formula, little flavor bombs that can be ordered to your heart's content as here we really try to work on our speed so you can enjoy a smooth restaurant experience in a pleasant environment.

Let’s tease: we assure you, it’s worth a try !

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